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Edwards Church, United Church of Christ (UCC), Framingham, MA
Directions & Contact

A Warm Welcome to You!

No matter who you are or where you are on your life’s journey,  you are welcome here!

Worship at Edwards Church

January 11, 10 am  “A Question to Live” Rev. Dr. Debbie Clark preaching.

January 18, 10 am  “Call and Response–Part I” Student Pastor Kate Byers preaching.

January 25, 10 am  “Call and Response–Part II” Student Pastor Kate Byers preaching.

February 1, 10 am  “Hungry Wolves”  Communion; Rev. Dr. Debbie Clark preaching.

Special Events    

Framingham Coming Together: A Community Forum, Wed., Jan 28, 7 pm at Nevins Hall

The Interfaith Clergy Association of Framingham along with our local community partners would like to invite the residents of the town of Framingham to Framingham Coming Together – a community forum. This free exchange of ideas will be an opportunity for sharing stories in the community around the violence and loss of life in the tragedies of Ferguson, New York City and around the country.

Our coming together is to affirm that black lives and all lives matter. All of Framingham is invited to come together and share stories to empower the community of Framingham to begin the process of moving forward in meeting the challenges of a community that cares.

Church School Registration   Click here for a registration form.

Special Recognition

Our choir director, Rick Seaholm, was recently published in the Fall 2014 edition of Worship, Music & Ministry, the journal of the United Church of Christ Musicians Association, with an article about our recent hymn competition. Click here to read the article.